Zoon + Wireless Remote Controlled Vibrator by I-Gen

Zoon + Wireless Remote Controlled Vibrator by I-Gen
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Zoon + Wireless Remote Controlled Vibrator by I-Gen
ZOON + exemplifies a revolutionary new sensual sex toy generation with a special design and perfect ergonomics.

ZOON + is the first sensual sex toy with the option to stimulate either by remote control or over thousands of miles via the Internet! With a simple click, you can vibrate anywhere, anytime- restaurant, office, on the other end of the world! Let your imagination run wild in the Zoonen.

With ZOON + the e-revolution has come!

The vibrating sperm in stylish form can be operated not only via remote control with a range of up to 10 feet, but with special software via USB port, including on the Internet utilizing an advanced technology known from sports and physical medicine. Thus, ZOON can be operated from any computer with Internet access worldwide!

ZOON + is made from from high quality silicone, has several programs and is infinitely adjustable. Recharge directly through the computer via a USB interface.


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